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An interview with Tinna Sigurdardottir, founder, CEO and speech therapist at Trappa, an online speech therapy practice in Iceland.

“I’m in a lot more regular contact with the children and more of my time goes directly into helping them.”

Evelyn Hooker. Source: Frameline

How Evelyn Hooker’s revolutionary studies on gay men led to major changes within psychology and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.

New Year’s resolutions not go to plan? It’s not too late to make the most of the year. We’ve rounded up research on goal setting to help you effectively reach yours.

Running out of small talk in the office? Prepping some fun facts for Christmas gatherings- in person or online? You’re in luck.

For when you’re starting to feel like an extension of your computer, here are our tips for safe ways to rebalance your online presence as we cope with continuing restrictions.

A question sometimes asked by professionals about online services are, why does a client need an account, as opposed to being sent a direct link to a session?

  1. A professional invites a client through Kara. The client receives an email to confirm their registration.
  2. A client requests a service with the professional using a link, provided by the professional (for example on their website).

Despite significant changes in recent years to access to mental health services, open discussions about mental health and various campaigns to raise awareness of mental health issues, many still experience stigma when considering seeking help.

What is stigma?

How does it affect help-seeking?

During the COVID-19 lockdown, therapy services have largely moved online in order to accommodate for people not being able to leave their homes. We look at Thorbjorg’s top tips for clients for maintaining privacy despite these changes.

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