How Iceland is using technology to battle COVID-19

Iceland’s response to the Covid -19 pandemic has been noticeable, to say the least. At the time of writing, restrictions are being lifted sooner than expected, the country is opening itself to tourists in less than a month’s time and there are only 3 active cases, with very few new cases reported since the beginning of May.

One of the key factors in Iceland’s success in reducing the spread of the disease has been technical solutions, both by government-run initiatives and private companies.

These solutions vary from performing widespread tests on the general population, to reducing the burden on the healthcare and welfare systems by creating online practice management platforms for specialists, such as Kara Connect, to tracing individuals that have been in contact with the virus to be quarantined, to tracking symptoms of and communicating with individuals that have tested positive for the virus and are isolating at home.


Testing asymptomatic individuals as well as those showing symptoms and collecting valuable information about how the virus moves and affects individuals has provided valuable knowledge and insight into the virus worldwide while reducing its spread.

Remote platforms for professionals


Tracking symptoms

Technology is making a difference, and the Nordics are proof



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